Novel Corona Virus: Punjab State
Helpline No - 104 / +91-8872090029/+91-172-2920074

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Walk in Interview Medical officer (Specialist)

Standardization of Descriptions being entered in "Others Category" in RT-PCR APP New

Punjab Tele-Consultation Services New

List of Category I/II/III Covid Facilities for Treatment of Covid-19 New

Important Information : Ministry of Health - GOI New

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District Wise Help Line Numbers New

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Standard Operating Procedure Micro Containment Zone Dated 18-06-2020New

Committee Constituted Reagrding Testing and Survey in Micro Containment Zones Dated 17-06-2020New

Pvt. Labs Notifications for RT-PCR Sample Collection Data for COVID-19 Dated 14-06-2020New

Quailty Audit of Labs for COVID-19 Testing Dated 13-06-2020New

Home Isolation for Asymptomatic or Mild Symptoms Dated 12-06-2020New

Amdendment in the Punjab Epidemic Diseases COVID-19 Dated 09-06-2020New

Checking Teams for Home Quarantine Dated 06-06-2020New

Testing for COVID-19 Arrested Persons(RT-PCR) Dated 04-06-2020New

RT-PCR Testing for Private Hospitals/Clinics/Labs in the State Dated 04-06-2020New

Guidelines for Passengers Travelling by Train Dated 28-05-2020New

Screening of those Leaving the State via Airports, Railway Stations and Road Dated 28-05-2020New

Clarification of Operational and Regionalisation of Bed Capacities CCC Dated 25-05-2020New

Revised Guidelines for People Coming to Punjab Dated 25-05-2020New

Testing of Domestic Passengers Dated 25-05-2020New

Deployment of Manpower at state Entry Points Dated 23-05-2020New

Persons Coming to Punjab from Outside the Country Dated 23-05-2020New

Deployment of Manpower at State Entry Points Dated 23-05-2020New

Installation of Truenat Machines for Testing COVID-19 Dated 22-05-2020New

Guidelines for Handling of COVID-19 Samples in Laboratories Dated 22-05-2020New

Regarding Need of Kiosks for taking RT PCR Samples Dated 21-05-2020New

Letter Regarding Challan Fee Dated 20-05-2020New

Death Audit of COVID- 19 Positive Cases Dated 18-05-2020New

Quality Control Audit of Sampling of Covid-19 Dated 15-05-2020New

Reagrding Notification Dated 15-05-2020New

Classification of Health facilities for covid-19 and Refferal Protocol Dated 14-05-2020New

Covid-19: Quarantine Facilities for Punjab Police Dated 14-05-2020New

Regarding Screening of Persons Coming into the State Without being Screened Dated 12-05-2020New

Providing Personal Protective Equipment to Health Care Staff (LTISTLS) Working for NTEP Dated 12-05-2020New

Amendment in the Refferral Criteria for Refferral of COVID-19 Positive Patients from CCC Dated 11-05-2020New

Covid-19: Punjab Police Quarantine Centres Dated 09-05-2020New

Covid-19: Passengers/Persons in Bound to the State of Punjab from Majnu Ka Tilla, New Delhi Dated 09-05-2020New

Notification of Facilities/Hospitals as Isolation Hospital in the State of Punjab Dated 06-05-2020New

Inviting Quotations for RT- PCR Test : 05-05-2020New

Shifing of Covid positive Patient from Gurdaspur and Tarn Taran to Chintpurni Medical College & Hospital Pathankot Dated 04-05-2020New

More Isolation Facilities in Tarntaran, Gurdaspur & Amritsar Dated 03-05-2020New

Notification Regarding Duty Order Dated 01-05-2020New

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Guidelines Regarding Sanitization of Ambulances , Oxygen Cylinders , X-ray & other Equipment Hospital Furniture Dated 16-04-2020

Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control for Isolation Dated 11-04-2020

Guidelines on Clinical Management of COVID - 19 Dated 31-03-2020

Guidelines for Departments

Guidelines on use of masks by public

Guidelines for home quarantine

Guidlines Dated 14-03-2020

Guidelines Dated 14-03-2020

Guidelines for Isolation Ward

Guidelines Ministry of Home Affairs

Guidelines on Dead body management

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Advisory for Socialization during the COVID-19 pandemic Dated 14.06.2020

Revised Advisory for Mask English Dated 29.05.2020

Advisory for Hotel & Suitable Lodging Facility for Health Staff

Advisory for the People Involve in the Frequent Interstate Movement

Advisory for Maintaining the Hygiene and Sanitization of Barber Shops

SOPs Regarding Returnees Coming from Outside the Country Dated 19-05-2020

Advisory for Cleaning and Maintenance of Mobile Phones English

Advisory for Cleaning and Maintenance of Mobile Phones Punjabi

Advisory for Opening and Maintaining Cattle Fairs English

Advisory for Opening and Maintaining Cattle Fairs Punjabi

Advisory for Home Quarantine English

Advisory for Home Quarantine Punjabi

Advisory for Advisoary Mask English

Advisory for Advisory Mask Punjabi

Advisory for Inter or Intra State Movement English

Advisory for Inter or Intra State Movement Punjabi

Advisory for How to Handle Food English

Advisory for How to Handle Food Punjabi

Advisory for Public Transport English

Advisory for Public Transport Punjabi

Advisory for Sewa Kendras English

Advisory for Sewa Kender Punjabi

Advisory for Senior Citizen English

Advisory for Senior Citizen Punjabi

Advisory for Sanitation English

Advisory for Sanitation Punjabi

Advisory for AC English

Advisory for AC Punjabi

Advisory for Bank English

Advisory for Bank Punjabi

Advisory for Farming English

Advisory for Farming Punjabi.

Advisory for Industries clarification

Advisory for Industries English

Advisory for Industries Punjabi

Advisory for MGNREGA English

Advisory for MGNREGA Punjabi

Advisory for Office English

Advisory for Office Punjabi

Advisory for Petrol Pumps English

Advisory for Petrol Pumps Punjabi

Advisory for Ramzan English

Advisory for Ramzan Punjabi

Advisory for Shops English

Advisory for Shops Punjabi

Advisory for Transporter English

Advisory for Transporter Punjabi

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KIDS, VAAYU & CORONA : Comic book for children to provide correct information about COVID-19New

COVID-19 Video MaterialNew