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  Notifications/Office orders
Subject Notification No/Date Remarks
Ordinance : Clinical Establishments Dated: 14-05-2020  
Notification : Civil Hospital Gurdaspur No.11/04/2020-3H7/427 Dated: 18-02-2020  
Punjab Prevention and Control Of Malaria, Dengue and other Vector Borne Disease Regulations, 2019 Dated : 10-10-2019  
Notification : Change of designation name of Pharmacists Dated : 12-07-2019  
Notification : State Level Advisory Committee for safe food & healthy diets Dated : 25-06-2019  
Notification : District Level Advisory Committee for safe food & healthy diets Dated : 25-06-2019  
Amended Notification Disability Dated : 31-05-2019  
Notification : Preventing Spread of Cholera Dated : 22-05-2019  
Notification :Treatment of Rare Disease Dated : 30-04-2019  
Notification : Members of SQAC & SISC in Health Care Notification No. 06/10/2014-4HB-IV/1457676/13 Dated :08-04-2019  
Withdrawal of Disability Notification No. 21/43/2010-4HB5/1336590/1-15 dated 18-10-2018 08-04-2019  
Notification Regarding Nomination OF Non-Official Members in the State Mental Health Authority 01-03-2019  
Notification Regarding Disability Act 18-10-2018  
Notification for constitution of State Level Zoonosis Committee (SLZC) & District Level Zoonosis Committee (DLZC) 06-09-2018  
Notification Swine Flu (H1N1) 2018 02-08-2018  
Notification Regarding Appointment Of MD PHSC & NHM 24-07-2018  
Notification regarding district advisory committee under PC and PNDT Act 13-07-2018  
Notification - Under section 2 of Epidemic Disease Act 1897 22-05-2018  
Amendment in Rules (Regd Salary) 24-04-2018  
Notification of Malaria and Dengue 10-04-2018  
Nomination of Members for Drug Deaddiction Centers 04-08-2017  
District Level Boards 22-05-2017  
Group-C Technical Service Rules dated 02-11-2016  
State Level Drugs Advisory Committee:-19.07.2016 No.7/108/2000-3H6-3h6/799087 dated 19-07-2016  
Notification regarding Recruitment of  MO (MBBS) 757707/19-0-2015  
Guidelines for the Protection of good Samaritans --------  
Regarding Amendment in Service Rules 15-01-2015  
Notification Regarding Declare Influenza A (SWINE FLU) as notified disease. No.5/9/2016/5HB4/712559/1 DATED 15-03-2016  
Appointment of Link Officers for Food Safety ACT E(3)-1/PB/2016/282-322 Dated 13-01-2016  
Members of State Inspection and Monitoring Committee for PC-PNDT Act 7/10/12/3-HB4-599635/1 DATED 21 aUGUST 2015  
Change in Administrative Control of PHC and Sc in Ludhiana 59-8411 dated 29-09-2015  
Change in Categorization of SC Kutba Kaalan,Barnala Memo No 23/62/12-1H1/462541/1 Dated 16.04.2015  
Regarding NPA :26-03-2015 No. 27/35/15-5H2/447931/1 Dated 26-03-2015  
Policy Regard Grant and renewal of Sale Licenses:16-07-2014 No.8/125/14-3Hb6/297969/1 Dated 28-08-2014  
 Ban on Loose Cigarette/Loose Tobacco in State of Punjab No.21/51/2008-5H5/383571/2/3 Dated 06-01-2015  
 Staff for rehabilitation Centers:16-07-2014 No.9/64/14-3H6/2300 Dated 16-07-2014  
Punjab State Board for De-addiction and Rehabilitation:23.06.2014 No.9/64/14-3HB6/2225 dated 23-06-2014  
State Level Drugs Advisory Committee:-24.06.2014 No.7/108/2000-4H4-3h6/2228 dated 24-06-2014  
Nomination of Member Secretary No.21/40/2000-4Hb7/1580 Dated 12-06-2014  
Instructions regarding sanction of Ex-India Leave No/9/56/14-3H6/2132-44 Dated 28-05-2014  
Drug Advisory Committee:22-05-2014 No 7/108/2000-4h4-3H6/22564/3-10 Dated 22-05-2014  
Medico Legal care for Survivors of Sexual Violence --------------------  
Guidelines regarding providing free treatment to Acid Attack and Rape Victims 28-04-2014  
PC-PNDT Rules 2014 31st January 2014  
Recruitment of Medical Officers (Specialists) No.1/39/12-1H1/521 Dated 05-03-2014  
Land Acquisition in SBS Nagar No.3A/77/11-3H/324 Dated 27-01-2014  
Appointment of Director-PHSC No.7/14/2007-2H4/98-106 dated 13-01-2014  
Revise Schedule for the Secondary level Health Institutions 3A/36/2013-3HVII/203 Dated 20-01-2014  
Policy for Post graduation in PGI for PCMS doctors in Selected Specialties. No.26/12/94-5HB2/4047-49 Dated:-29-10-13  
Balri Rakhshak Yojna No.1/82/2004-H6/20476 Dated 07-11-2013  
Regarding Drug Testing Laboratory Patiala No 2/166/13-4H7-4296-4332 Dated 25-10-2013  
Contribution to Punjab State Cancer and Drug Addiction Treatment Infrastructure Fund Act 2013 No.5/5/13/4HB/2023 Dated:-14-10-2013  
Food Safety Appellate Tribunal No.1/27/2012/3-HB-4/1685 Dated 26-08-2013  
Constitution of 10 zones for the issuance of Drug Sale Licenses. No.10/66/09-3-h6-86873/1Dated 21-08-2013  
Constitution of Commissionerate of Food and Drug Administration. No.1/51/200-3HB4/1622 dated 20-08-2013  
Regarding Fund generation from Different sources for the Punjab State Cancer and Drug Addiction treatment infrastructure Fund No.5/5/13-4H6/782 dated 30-04-2013  
Regarding NDPS Rules 2012 No.11/29/12-3H6/29905/1 Dated:-11-03-2013  
Issuance of the NOC to the PCMS/PCMS(Dental) Medical Officers for the PG Course No.26/12/94-5H2/434 Dated:-22-05-2013  
Constitution of Committee for framing of Rules under The Punjab State Cancer and Drug Addiction Treatment Infrastructure fund 2013. No.5/5/13-4H4/705-712 Dated 23-04-2013  
Constitution of Committee under The Punjab State Cancer and Drug Addiction Treatment Infrastructure Board. No.5/5/13-4H4/715-732 Dated 23-04-2013  
Constitution of Committee under The Punjab State Cancer and Drug Addiction Treatment Infrastructure Fund Act, 201 No.5/5/13-4H4/664-680 Dated 22-04-2013


Transfer of CH Khadoor Sahib, Tarantarn to Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridko No.3A/161/2012-3H7/43076/1 Dated:-18-04-2013  
Integration of Health Institutions in Bathinda District  Notification NO 3A/36/2013-3H7 /798-811 dated 22-03-2013  
Revised Schedule of the Secondary Level Health Institutions : Notification NO 3A/36/2013-3H7/812 dated 22-03-2013  
Nomenclature of the Health Institution: Notification NO 3A/36/13-3H7/872 dated 22-03-2013  
Fees Regarding the implementation of NDPS Rules Notification No 11/29/12/-3H6/29905 dated11-03-2013  

Categorization of Health Institutions.

No.23/62/12-1H1/990 dated:-18-04-2013  
Recruitment of Medical Officer Specialist

Notification No.1/39/12-1H1/22744 dated 20-February-2013

Appointment of Assistant Public Prosecutor

Notification No.2/147/11-3H6/16420/1 dated 5-February-2013

Appointment of  Inspectors

Notification No.2/147/11-3H6/16420/1-A dated 5-February-2013

Comprehensive Scheme to Provide Medical Health Care to patients of Dog Bite

Notification No.4/46/12-2H4/144 dated 13-February-2013


Notification regarding appointment of Govt. Food Inspector

No.E7/1(PB)-11-4555-58 Dated 21-11-2011  

Notification of Balri Rakshak Yojna

No.1/82/2004/4H6/2864 Dated 31-05-2011  

Punjab Civil Services(Amendment) Rules,Volume-1,Part-1,2011

No.22/1/2010-3FP2/91 Dated 04-03-2011  

Notifications Regarding Normal,Difficult & More Difficult Areas


Punjab Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Counseling and Rehabilitation Centres Rules,2011

16th January 2011  

Person With Disability Act


Notification Regarding the appointment of MPHW(F) as Registrars for Birth of the rural area falling in their jurisdiction, with effect from 1st September, 2010.


Notification to appoint the Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) as Notifiers, to report births, deaths and still births

No.11/13/2009-4HB6/5006 dated 24th August 2010  

Notification to Declare officers_Officials as Sub registrars to report births, deaths and still births

No.11/13/2009-4HB6/5006 dated 24th August 2010  

Appoint all the Senior Medical Officers, Incharge of Block Primary Health Centers/Community Health Centers, as Additional District Registrar for their respective rural area, in addition to the District Health Officers and Assistant Civil Surgeons already notified

No.2/156/10-4HB6/4660 Dated:-17th August 2010  

Appointment of Medical Officers as Food Inspectors

No:-E7(1)PB-2019-3875-82 Dated 29-10-10