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Tobacco Control Program



1.       Act :-

a)      Tobacco Control Act 2003 (COTPA)

b)      Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places

c) Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products  Amendment Rules(2012)

d) Permanent Ban on Hookah bars in the state


2.(a)     Status of Tobacco Control Program in Punjab

   (b)     Brief note and achievements under NTCP in Punjab.


3.       Notifications by Punjab Government :-

a)    State level and District Level Tobacco Control Committee No. 945 Dated 20-5-2008

b) \State Level & District Level Tobacco Monitoring Committee Notification No. 151 Dated 17-1-2013

c)    State Level Coordination Committee (SLCC) notification: 5/12/2018

d) District   Level Coordination Committee (SLCC) notification: 5/12/2018

e) Constitution of State Level Task Force to monitor COTPA and abuse of Nicotine in chemical form on 17-07-15".

f) Constitution of Permanent District Task Force to monitor COTPA and abuse of Nicotine in chemical form.

g) Revised Notification: Ban of Guthka, Pan Masala and Flavored Chewing Tobacco

h) Notification to designate Public Analyst as competent authority to test for tobacco and nicotine

i) Notification regarding Framework Convention on Tobacco     Control (FCTC):-13-07-2015

  Protocols to be followed under FCTC

j) Authorized officials under Section 4 & 6 Revised Notification No. 1022 Dated 04-8-2015

k) Notification regarding ban on sale of loose cigarette/ Tobaccoo :-06-01-2015


4.       D.O Letters for effective implementation of COTPA:-

a)   To all departments for implemetation of section 4 & 6 Dated 06-01-2014

b ) To Education Department regarding avoiding sponsorship by Tobacco companies"  dated 17-06-2014

c) To all Deputy Commissioners and SSP's regarding the the effective implementation of COTPA dated 14-11-2014 from Chief Secretary Punjab.

d) To Excise and Taxation Department  Punjab regarding illicit trade of Tobacco Products

e) To Food Supply Department regarding Packaging of Cigarettes

f) Instructions issued to All DC's regarding protection of District Task Force:-05-10-2015


5.       Letters/Instructions:

a) Declare e-Cigarettes as illegal Product:-03-10-2018

b)  DGSE to all schools for implementation of section 4 & 6

            c)  Instruction issued by Police Dept. regarding inclusion of COTPA  in monthly Crime Review Meeting

            d) Instruction issued by Local Body  Department regarding unlicensed whole sellers and retailers .


6. Circulars

     a)  Incorporating the conditions of COTPA for granting licenses.

     b) Authorized Officers for the cancellation of Food License :-03-09-2015

     c) Instructions regarding collection of Samples by FSO

     d) Circular TV and Film Rules

     e) Ban on Smoking and Spitting at public places under section 268, 269 & 278 of IPC serial no. under National tobacco control programme as per the attachment



     b) Health Workers Guide

     c) Operational Guidelines


    (a)  DTCC Monthly reporting format

    (b)  TCC Monthly reporting format

9. Warning boards with specifications

10. Enforcement Protocol for implementation of section 5&7 of COTPA

11. Tobacco free Punjab Campaign

12. Tobacco Cessation Services in Punjab




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